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I look for some exaple how use the stora procedurs in MVC with LINKQ.

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The easiest way to learn this would be to create a L2S dbml file. Drag a table onto it and take a look at the code that it generates.

It's pretty simple to work out from there. You can then call the dmbl class and use thing like myConn.myObj.InsertOnSubmit(new myObj()); etc

If you want to call a stored proc simply use ExecuteCommand to call the stored proc. You can then fill your model directly off the result set.

I think, at this point though, that you kinda want to just Google it a bit and then when you have more specific questions, come log back onto SO and ask those questions.

If you type "sql2linq stored proc" as the search string on this site you will also get a number of hits for this topic.

Good luck

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