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The request for our service looks something like this:

GET http://[SERVICE]/Node:[id].Build?format=mime1,mime2,...,mimeN&template-id=[templateid]
Accept: multipart/mixed
Content-Type: application/json
body: json document

I am attempting to use ApacheBench to test benchmark this. Here is the call I am using:

ab -n 10 -c 2 -T 'application/json' -H 'Accept: multipart/mixed' ',text/plain&template-id=29b1468f-c8c3-db23-2f6f-74e112795540'

This call goes through, and results in an error since the expected json data is not there.Is there a way in ab to supply the necessary json along with this request. I see there are -p and -u commands to specify an input file, but those are for puts and posts.

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I question why you're using the GET method to send data in the first place. Though doing so is not technically prohibited it's unlikely that your use case doesn't violate RFC 2616's requirements for safety and idempotence. Are you using the JSON document as a query string replacement to make a complex query from the resource? Please share your motivation for doing this. – rdlowrey Jun 22 '13 at 21:39
The reason why we're doing this is because we require a lot of variables to be passed in, in order to specify exactly what to get. We considered putting these as query parameters, but using json made more sense. We don't send data per se, just send the criteria/variables that describe what we need back. Is there a way to do this using ab? – Mike Gostintsev Jun 24 '13 at 17:49
Ah I see. That makes sense, though I would still suggest simplifying the API to provide specific, addressable parameters via the URI query string. For example, instead of providing a massive query engine from one monolithic resource, break it up into sub-resources for querying certain types of resources. I'm fairly certain there's no way to do this with ab, and there's a fairly good reason: HTTP works well because it's standardized. Creating your own query scheme via a GET body complicates things unnecessarily and should generally be discouraged. – rdlowrey Jun 24 '13 at 18:26
Makes sense, thanks for the input. – Mike Gostintsev Jun 24 '13 at 20:57

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