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I noticed that all 3 of these "things" use a similar syntax, i.e. "name1" followed by a symbol:

Example 1:

attr_reader :methodname

Example 2:

before_create :dothisthing

Example 3:

content_type :json

Is there specific jargon I can use to refer to this syntax pattern?

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I've heard these referred to as 'class macros', especially in the context of Rails, but what they are all essentially class methods that write other class or instance methods (i.e, metaprogramming).

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The thing they all have in common is that they use :symbols. But of those three, I think only attr_reader is part of the core language.

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I've just been informed that the above syntax is really syntactic sugar for a regular method call. For instance:

erb :index, :layout => false

is really the same as:

erb(:index, {:layout => false})

And all the above examples mentioned simply take advantage of this sugar. This makes sense to me but a 2nd opinion from the S.O. community wouldn't go amiss.

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