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I'm using the query below to find the word "developer" in a blog index...

   "query": {
     "query_string": {
        "query": "developer"

The query returns 3 hits on user and 1 hit on post types, and I want a facet to reflect those hits to display something like...

Search Results...
Blogs Posts (1)
Users (3)

...but I'm not sure how to combine a facet with a query to count such hits since most examples I found count field hits; I tried using _index to return index hits, but could not get it to work; is there something similar for types, like _type, to count document type hits within an index?

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Ok, figured it out, apparently there is a _type field for facets, based on this...



      "size" : 0,
      "query" : {   
         "query_string" : {
            "query" : "developer"}
      "facets" : {
        "type" : {
          "terms" : { "field" : "_type"}


  "facets": {
    "type": {
      "_type": "terms",
      "missing": 0,
      "total": 4,
      "other": 0,
      "terms": [
          "term": "user",
          "count": 3
          "term": "post",
          "count": 1
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