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I'm seriously dubmfounded. I have a Rails application that stores blog posts in an Article model. The index page calls a scope on the model and returns the latest articles. However when I load the page, only some of the articles are showing up, but when I copy the code over to the Heroku console the missing articles show up in the results.

Here's the index action:

def index
    @articles = Article.featured_published_articles.order("date_time DESC").page(params[:page])

Here's the scope:

scope :featured_published_articles , where("featured = ? AND status IN (?) AND date_time <= ?", true , ['published','published-pending'],

The method works properly when I call it from the console, but when I load the page, not all the results are showing up. Any ideas?

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It's not heroku specific, but the scope is storing the "" when it's first interpreted. Basically, the is when you push to heroku, not "now".

You want to use a lambda here instead

scope :featured_published_articles , -> {where("featured = ? AND status IN (?) AND date_time <= ?", true , ['published','published-pending'], }

in Rails4, this won't be a problem (it'll give you a load error), but in Rails3 it'll load and cause the problems you are seeing.

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