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I've almost got this fiddle working like I want it to; however, I have a strange mouseout issue that I haven't been able to figure out. When you click on a slice - it turns it green (active) when you click it again - it turns it grey (inactive). The problem is that when you click it and then slowly move you mouse off of the slice - it is resetting the color to grey. If you move your mouse out quickly - it stays green.

It only seems to do it on the first mouseout. What am I missing?

plotOptions: {
        pie: {
            states: {
                hover: {
                    enabled: false
            point: {
                events: {
                    click: function() {
                            this.graphic.attr({ fill: '#00FF00' });
                            this.graphic.attr({ fill: '#CCCCCC' });
                        this.active = !this.active;


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It looks like that even though you disable the hover state, Highcharts still leaves around some default mouseOut behavior on the point object.

You can complete kill it by after creating the chart:

            load: function()
                var seriesPoints = this.series[0].points;
                for (var i = 0; i < seriesPoints.length; i++){
                    seriesPoints[i].onMouseOut = function(){};

Fiddle here.

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