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I'm using IE10 and I've got two tabs: - Tab1: index.html - Tab2: update.html

In tab2:

        var tel = getURLParameter('TELNR');
        if (typeof (Storage) !== "undefined") { 
                     localStorage.setItem("telephone", "" + tel + ""); 

In tab1:

                function handleStorage(oEvent) {
                   var telephone = localStorage.getItem("telephone");   
                   if (telephone != null) {
                      alert("New call from this phone number:" + telephone);
            $(window).bind('storage', handleStorage);

I first open tab1 which waits for an event to occur. I then open tab2 passing on a given telephone number. The listener on tab1 is correctly triggered but telephone is null. If I refresh tab2, handleStorage is invoked this time with the correct number.

This works perfectly in Chrome and Firefox. Any clue?

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a) What is Storage doing there and why are you checking it? b) Are you sure you are actually changing the value? onStorage only triggers when a stored value is changed. This seems to imply you are not setting it correctly the first time. –  Niels Keurentjes Jun 21 '13 at 20:57
To play it safe I've removed the if statement if (typeof (Storage) !== "undefined") but there's no change. I am 100% certain I'm changing the value. The first time tab2 sets the value to X and tab1 understands that something was changed but when I retrieve the value I'm being returned "null". By the way, I've seen that if in tab1 I code this: var telephone = oEvent.originalEvent.newValue I have the correct value so there's already a workaround. However I would like the localStorage solution to work correctly in the first place. –  marco_sap Jun 21 '13 at 21:25
try use, instead of the onstorage event, the onstoragecommit event –  Fabio Marcolini Jun 21 '13 at 22:17

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I'm not sure of your scenario but be aware that IE is slower / later to populate localStorage than the other browsers on page load. I've addressed this by doing a soft page reload, location.reload() for IE after which localStorage data is then available during the subsequent page load.

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