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I'm looking for a getopt library for c#. So far I found a few (phpguru, XGetOptCS, getoptfordotnet) but these look more like unfinished attempts that only support a part of C's getopt. Is there a full getopt c# implementation?

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Here is a .NET Implementation of getopt: http://www.codeplex.com/getopt

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Miguel de Icaza raves about Mono.Options. You can use the nuget package, or just copy the single C# source file into your project.

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For posterity:

CommandParser is another one with a BSD license

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Here is something I wrote, it works rather nice, and has quite a lot of features for the tiny amount of code. It is not getopts however, but it may suit your needs.

Feel free to ask some questions.

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It's not getopt, but you might try NConsoler. It uses attributes to define arguments and actions.

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the link is broken – Serge Wautier Apr 3 '15 at 8:11

The Mono Project has (or rather had) one based on attributes, but last I checked it was marked as obsolete. But since it's open source, you might be able to pull the code out and use it yourself.

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The cmd line parser in Mono would be great in the BCL. I use it all the time and think it's great. – Justin R. Oct 6 '08 at 19:50

For the record, NUnit includes a simple one-file command-line parser in src\ClientUtilities\util\CommandLineOptions.cs (see example usage in ConsoleRunner.cs and Runner.cs located under src\ConsoleRunner\nunit-console). The file itself does not include any licencing information, and a link to its "upstream" seems to be dead, so its legal status is uncertain.

The parser supports named flag parameters (like /verbose), named parameters with values (like /filename:bar.txt) and unnamed parameters, that is, much in style of how Windows Scripting Host interprets them. Options might be prefixed with /, - and --.

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