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I am using weka.classifiers.bayes.HMM to try to classify some of my data, but I can't seem to find any examples of exactly how my ARFF file should look like...the documentation wasn't really clear to me.

So I understand that HMMs require time-series data, my question is how to represent that in my dataset? Am I supposed to add another "Numerical" index in front of each features line? For example, here are 3 of my feature lines (there are 10s of thousands total but all follow this format):

2,2.217950,2.235440,0.031252,2.224833,2.301141,0.093227,1.940765,1.973835,0.064434,1 2,2.216870,2.235608,0.035570,2.217950,2.235440,0.031252,2.023161,2.531513,0.623939,1 2,2.216577,2.246109,0.045806,2.216870,2.235608,0.035570,2.497010,2.529199,0.050049,1

Each line contains several energy readings and they are all listed in sequential order: 1st line came first, 2nd line came 1 second after, 3rd line, 1 second after second line's reading etc.

How do I use HMM in Weka to train on this set? (Yes I know I'll need a separate test dataset that's also a timeseries)


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I forgot to mention that I need 5 states: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And they should go from one to another with certain probabilities. For example, if a current time slot is in state 3, it is more likely to go to states 2 and 4 than 1 and 5. The states are at the very last line (edited below as an example): 2,2.217950,2.235440,0.031252,2.224833,2.301141,0.093227,1.940765,1.973835,0.0644‌​34,1 2,2.216870,2.235608,0.035570,2.217950,2.235440,0.031252,2.023161,2.531513,0.6239‌​39,2 2,2.216577,2.246109,0.045806,2.216870,2.235608,0.035570,2.497010,2.529199,0.0500‌​49,3 –  stellarowl12 Jun 22 '13 at 18:26
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Here you go this youtube video explains how to structure your .arff file


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