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I have a plot of some data (simple 2-d line) and I would like to add circles around some more interesting spots on it. Surprisingly matlab seems to have no simple way to create a physically round circles. I looked on the internet and most answers i found was to either use rectangle('Curvature',[1 1]) or pts = linspace(0,2*pi, 100); plot(sin(pts), cos(pts)); and fixing the aspect ration of a plot to 1. In my case axes have scales that differ by several orders of magnitude so fixing the aspect ration is no option.

I was trying different ways to get the right x/y scale factor but it still seems I'm missing something. My current attempt is:

function hc = circle(x, y, xr)

gca_ylim = get(gca, 'ylim');
gca_xlim = get(gca, 'xlim');
gca_pos = get(gca, 'Position');
gcf_pos = get(gcf, 'Position');

gcf_ar = get(gca, 'DataAspectRatio');

%mod = gca_pos(4)/gca_pos(3) *abs(gca_ylim(2)-gca_ylim(1))/abs(gca_xlim(2)-gca_xlim(1))*gcf_pos(3)/gcf_pos(4);
mod = gca_pos(4)/gca_pos(3)*gcf_ar(2)/gcf_ar(1)*gcf_pos(3)/gcf_pos(4);
yr = xr*mod;
rectangle('Position',[x-xr,y-yr,xr*2,xr*mod*2], 'Curvature',[1,1]);

The circles that i got that way are still a bit elongated and I have no idea why. If there is any simple method to get circles in a plot - please share.

PS I know that if I resize plot or add some more stuff to it and change scaling the circles will re-scale with the entire plot. This is not a problem in my case - Figure gets printed out without manual manipulation (no window resizing) and I can add them as the last objects.

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Another option:

>> h = plot(rand(1,5),rand(1,5),'o');
>> set(h, 'MarkerSize', 100);

enter image description here

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Also interesting, and it seems like less trickery than scatter plot. – j_kubik Jun 22 '13 at 0:08

If you want scale invariant circles, you could use scatter command. You can also set the size smaller or larger.

scatter(X,Y,S) draws each circle with the size specified by S. To plot each circle with equal size, specify S as a scalar. To plot each circle with a specific size, specify S as a vector with length equal to the length of X and Y.


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As usual with matlab, you do stuff with trickery rather than designed solution. Still, it looks like it will work, thanks. – j_kubik Jun 21 '13 at 23:02

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