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I am new to python and unfamiliar with manipulating python lists. I have a list of tkinter widgets, more specifically buttons, which have been added to my list btnList by using:



Normally to change an object's attribute value (the state attribute for example) one would use:



which would set the state attribute of both buttons to disabled,

Is there a way to change attributes for all of the objects contained in the list? for example setting the state of each button to disabled?

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Simply loop over your list:

for button in btnList:

button will be assigned each button from your list in turn letting you call the configure() method on it.

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Thanks for the help that should work for my solution –  user2497792 Jun 21 '13 at 22:45

There are a fair number of ways to express this, including some one-liners, but I think a simple for loop is the cleanest:

for button in btnList:
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