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Could anyone out there give some pointers on how to go about getting a listing of all the web service references used by a WCF application - the pseudo code I'm envisioning might look something like:

For each ws in MyWebServices Console.WriteLine("Service Name: " & ws.Name) Next

How to build the MyWebServices object is what I am wondering?


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You should be able to do:

ClientSection clientSection = (ClientSection)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("system.serviceModel/client");

foreach(ChannelEndpointElement channelEndpointElement in clientSection.Endpoints)
    // Use any of the channel endpoint element properties here:
    // Address, BehaviorConfiguration, Binding, BindingConfiguration, Contract, etc.
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Kind of a forehead slapper once I saw the answer. Seems so obvious now. Thanks for the help! Both this answer and the answer below are correct but marking this one as 'answer' for completeness –  Gatmando Nov 13 '09 at 15:12

You could just check the configuration file. All WCF services used by the application should be in the client section.

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