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I understand how to initialize a git-svn repo, create a branch, do some work, merge branch, then use git svn rebase and git svn dcommit to push back to the svn repo. But between these two commands, how can you get a status of what is different between the two repos? Something like a git status that tells you that you have x number of files that have been changed.

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Just do a diff between your branch and upstream.

git diff --stat git-svn/master..master

Obviously, you'll have to change the branch names to whatever's applicable for your setup.

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The only real way I know is to run 'git svn dcommit -n' (or git svn dcommit --dry-run) which will usually give you output like this:

$git svn dcommit --dry-run
Committing to http://yourserver.com/trunk ...
diff-tree bc923cb54847fa340d094c3da1ebd66b8fb0e63e~1 bc923cb54847fa340d094c3da1ebd66b8fb0e63e
diff-tree a05c8be4af7f82dc4de5b4778e2b58203c75eebd~1 a05c8be4af7f82dc4de5b4778e2b58203c75eebd

And then you can 'git show bc923cb54847fa340d094c3da1ebd66b8fb0e63e' to view that diff.

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