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$("label[for='c1pick'] .ui-btn-text").html($("#introdukt").val())

I would like to replace c1pick and #introdukta with variables

Tried the first one the following way:

$("label[for=whichone] .ui-btn-text").html($("#introdukt").val())

but it doesnot work.

Is there a way? How to replace #introdukt reference with a variable, too?

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$("label[for=whichone] .ui-btn-text")

supposed to be

$("label[for=" + whichone + "] .ui-btn-text")

This selector


tries to select this label <label for="whichone"

When you append the variable

$("label[for=" + whichone + "] it first replaces the variable and then tries to select the element.


var whichone="c1pick",
    intro = "introdukt";

$("label[for=" + whichone + "] .ui-btn-text").html($("#" + intro).val())
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Try this:

var whichone = "c1pick";
var intro = "introdukt";
$("label[for='" + whichone + "'] .ui-btn-text").html($("#" + intro ).val());
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