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I tried to create something that will search the entire web page for certain keywords and italicize them using pure JavaScript. I haven't even attempted any thing to do with JavaScript lately (sidetracked), so I have no idea why this isn't working. I've tried googling but with no avail particular to my problem (everything I found was trying to change the class of an element as opposed to just the basic css property). All I really want to know is why this isn't working. Here's what I have so far:

        var str = document.getElementsByTagName("*").innerHTML;
        var n = str.match(/(Nautilus|Captain Nemo)/i);
        n.style.fontStyle = "italic";
The Nautilus was a ship run by Captain Nemo.

Should produce the result: The Nautilus was a ship run by Captain Nemo.

My un-experienced logic says that I should (try) to parse the entire document as a large string, then match that string for keywords using regex, then change the style.fontStyle.

Now, like I said, I haven't even touched JavaScript or even jQuery for a while now due to being busy, so I may be waaay off, but any help would be very much appreciated!

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n is just a string here. It's not a node on the page. And only a node on the page can have styles that differ from their parents. You can't simply tell a string to be italic. It's just a string and has no associated presentation information inherent to it at all.

So to do this, you must:

  1. Find the text
  2. Wrap the text in a <em> element, for each match
  3. Insert the results HTML string back into the document

Or in JS:

// get all body content as a string
var str = document.body.innerHTML;

// find all magic words and wrap them in a <em> tag
var result = str.replace(/(Nautilus|Captain Nemo)/ig, "<em>$1</em>");

// set all body content HTML with new processed content
document.body.innerHTML = result;

See it working here: http://jsfiddle.net/2px7m/

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Aahhh, that makes sense. Thanks! –  Jace Cotton Jun 22 '13 at 0:39
fgitw! nice answer –  raam86 Jun 22 '13 at 0:48
var str = document.getElementsByTagName('body');
//Use g so it will be global  
var regex= /(Nautilus|Captain Nemo)/ig;

str[0].innerHTML = str[0].innerHTML.replace(regex, "<i>$1</i>");
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