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How do I change a files file-extension name in php?

example: $filename='234230923_picture.bmp' and I want the extension to change to 'jpg'.


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Just replace it with regexp:

$filename = preg_replace('"\.bmp$"', '.jpg', $filename);

You can also extend this code to remove other image extensions, not just bmp:

$filename = preg_replace('"\.(bmp|gif)$"', '.jpg', $filename);
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$newname = basename($filename, ".bmp").".jpg";
rename($filename, $newname);

Remember that if the file is a bmp file, changing the suffix won't change the format :)

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+1 for not misusing regex. –  Robert K Nov 12 '09 at 19:24

rename() the file, substituting the new extension.

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Not using regex (like the basename example), but allowing multiple extension possibilities (like the regex example):

$newname = str_replace(array(".bmp", ".gif"), ".jpg", $filename);
rename($filename, $newname);

Of course any simple replace operation, while less expensive then regex, will also replace a .bmp in the middle of the filename.

As mentioned, this isn't going to change the format of a image file. To do that you would need to use a graphics library.

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You can use this to rename the file http://us2.php.net/rename and this http://us2.php.net/manual/en/function.pathinfo.php to get the basename of the file and other extension info..

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