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y: &pause
cd ptls5.0 &pause
sdp describe Integration.dpk &pause
z: &pause
cd ptls5.0 &pause
dir &pause

I have those commands in the 1.cmd file. First three are executed fine. The result of it is that after "sdp describe Integration.dpk &pause" is executed I'm given "press any key to continue..." after I hit any key. The command prompt quits. Instead of changing drive to z:>. What is wrong with it?

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@Blorgbeard, I'm truly sorry to have messed up your edit! Go ahead, I won't interfere again. –  Konrad Rudolph Oct 5 '08 at 19:03
@Konrad - no worries, your edit was better anyway! –  Blorgbeard Oct 6 '08 at 20:45

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If sdp is a .cmd or .bat file, change it to "call sdp....."

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Is "sdp" another batch file itself? If so, you will need to use call:

call sdp describe Integration.dpk &pause
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