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like we have %windir% which returns the C;\windows , do we have any command that returns only the operating system drive letter ('C') ?

I tried the command "label" but it returns more than the label info..

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On Linux, it's super simple: return ""; –  user529758 Jun 22 '13 at 3:10

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On windows, try these:

1. %SystemDrive%

The first gives you the drive letter that holds your system files, the second gives you drive letter that holds your documents.

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WMIC.exe allows you to make WMI queries from the command line.

wmic os get systemdrive

will tell you the same thing as %SystemDrive%, though you can also use it for InstallDate, SystemDirectory (i.e. %WINDIR%\System32, though I don't recall ever having seen a machine with a different name for that directory), LastBootupTime, etc.

The output isn't necessarily easy to parse from a script, but if you just want to see the info, it's very useful.

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