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I am a Linux noob and I would like to debug a unit test.

If I run my test in MonoDevelop it goes green but if I try to debug everything freeze and I have to stop the debugger. My breakpoint on first line of code is never hit. There is no stack trace or information of what could have failed.

Edit 1: Should I install OpenSuse (since it is Novell and they are behind Mono) instead of Ubuntu ?

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It's going to be really hard to answer your question without more information. Can you give us any code? I don't think it should matter what distribution you're using. – supercheetah Nov 13 '09 at 6:02
My code is the simplest possible : string test = "test"; – W3Max Nov 13 '09 at 15:48
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The debugger in MonoDevelop is a bit flaky, but any number of things could be causing problems, the MonoDevelop team hangs out at #MonoDevelop on They are quite friendly and can probably help you diagnose your issue.

I've been using Mono/MonoDevelop on Ubuntu for 2-3 years now and have had no reason to move away from Ubuntu. Although I use the Monoxide PPA as a source for MonoDevelop, rather than the version from the standard distribution. The Monoxide PPA is more in sync with the most recent changes to MonoDevelop, and there is a pretty high churn rate on the codebase of MonoDevelop.

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For simplicity you should go with the openSUSE vmware client. I selected openSUSE as I wanted to just focus on Mono and not take on the additional challenge of installing and configuring the entire environment. I have had any issues thus far.

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