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I have an entity Person with a relation to an other person (mentor). This person can be null. I thought just the Constraints.Required annotation forces my mentor to be set. If I remove the ManyToOne annotation the mentor wont be connected.

public class Person extends Model {

    public Integer id;

    public User user;

    public String firstName;

    public String lastName;

    public Person mentor;


How can I have a person without a mentor?

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The usage of the @ManyToOne annotation is actually "instructing" your JPA provider th think that the Person table/relation has a foreign key to it (this models the 1:n relation b/n persons to mentors and a foreign key can't be null) but from your question, I see your biz needs doesn't need a 1:n per se so simply remove the @ManyToOne annotation and on case a person does have a mentor , wire this relation manually in the JPA entity constructor or via setter method

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UNIT-testing, UNIT-testing! Acctualy it can be null. I saw it in a test. The mentors id came back with mentor.id -1. That was the root cause. If I remove the many-to-one it won't be connected with the mentor –  myborobudur Jun 22 '13 at 12:58

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