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Good afternoon,

I was supplied two components by different parties; one that works on windows 32 bit and another that works in linux 64 bit. For my program I need to take the output files of the windows component and put them as an input to the linux component.

I have installed vmware player on windows to run a virtual 64 bit ubuntu machine. And when transferring the files manually everything works, How can I automate this process?

I thought of automatically producing a dummy file "flag.txt" in the shared folder and writing a script in the ubuntu machine that check if it exists every 5 seconds and if so runs the linux component. Is that a feasible solution? If so, any idea which command in csh do i use?

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An emulator independent way to trigger commands and download files from Linux machines is OpenSSH. There's an SSH client available for Windows using MINGW. Use ssh to run commands remotely on the Linux machine and scp to transfer files. Both programs can be invoked from the command-line and batch scripts.

If you want to stick to VMware features, you could use shared folders to synchronize the files. Share a writeable folder on your Windows host and mount it in the Linux guest. Both can see and access the same files inside the shared folder.


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