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This question already has an answer here:

Trying to use a single quote and assign it to a variable so I can create a dynamic report.

The problem is when I do this:

set @Statequery = (' and PostalState = ' ')  +  @PostalState  + '''

If you do this, print @Statequery, it needs it to look like this.

and postalState = 'QLD'

How do I escape the ' character in this case?

Thanks for your help in advanced,


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You need to escape it by doubling it:

set @Statequery = (' and PostalState = ''') + @PostalState + ''''
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try this

DECLARE @PostalState  VARCHAR(50)='QLD'
DECLARE @Statequery VARCHAR(max)
set @Statequery = ' and PostalState = ''' +  @PostalState  +''''   
PRINT @Statequery 
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