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I'm trying to invoke a ActiveX dll on my computer using a Visual C++ Win32 Console app. When attempting to Add a Reference (via Project Properties) only a Project tab is display. How do I add view other tabs (e.g. COM)?

I'm probably missing something very basic here.


Sorry my question is so vague. Essentially, I have an service which talks through DCOM on my computer. Unfortunately the return types are not ideal so I'm attempting to make a wrapper DLL in order to handle this. I was planning on accessing the service from my DLL by Adding a Reference to my C++ DLL Project in VS2008 but apparently this cannot be done unless I have the Type Library Importer ( which is found in the Windows SDK. I'm going to write a wrapper in VB instead.

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The question is very vague. What version of Visual Studio are you using? What leads you to believe this tab will be available? – David Pfeffer Nov 12 '09 at 19:54

Unless you're working in a recent version of Visual C++, and are targeting .NET, dynamically calling COM objects and is done in code. However, your question is very vague. If you improve the question, I'll come back and update this answer.

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