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I've recently decided to step-up my knowledge in ASP.NET (I haven't coded in ASP.NET for about 2 years or so, and much has changed since then). I want to work with the new MVC framework, try jQuery, LINQ to SQL and basically just to catch up with most of the up-to-date features.

To do that, I want to start a nice project in ASP.NET, a serious web application from scratch with the MVC framework. My only problem is.. what should I build? I hate to code stuff that already exist on the web and I just want to make some nice web application (If it's something useful I might publish it like stuff such as Stackoverflow.com ;) or just share its source.

Any thoughts?

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A wiki-like/sof-like web site that allows people to consider the pros and cons of making a decision.


The user sees a form with a field for the title of the decision, and two quick-entry text fields. One on the left side of the screen for pros, and the other one on the right side for cons. Each time the user enters a pro or con, it flies to some kind of visual outline and a new blank text field takes its place.


When the user clicks on a pro/con on the visual outline, he can either drag it to an "importance tagger" or assign it with a custom contextual menu that appears. The visual outline automatically adjusts its view accordingly, so that the pros and cons considered more important are always the most visible.


People gain reputation based on their contributions to publicly-visible decisions. People can also indicate "this decision helper was useful to me", so you can have popular decisions à la digg. People can also see how many people decided for or against something. People can also see the decision-making trends over time for a given decision.

Of course, Stack Overflow already allows for some of these ideas.

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Sounds really interesting, thanks you! –  Yarin Miran Oct 5 '08 at 19:43
No problem Yarin! I have so many project ideas floating in my mind... Too bad I never execute on my own projects! ...Hopefully, though, I'll start working on some of my ideas. –  Daniel Jomphe Oct 5 '08 at 19:50
Wow! Thats a neat idea! And, I really haven't seen any web application do the same. I have a lot of spare time and I too am tempted! ;) –  Adhip Gupta Oct 13 '08 at 15:10

The problem is that just about anything that you can think of has already been made. I suggest that you take something that already exists, but is not the best (has obvious drawbacks) and then make that from scratch, and improve it.

It could be anything.

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Yeah if we had all those interesting deas, we would be out there making money –  Midhat Oct 5 '08 at 19:34


I have an idea of cool web 2.0 app, and i will share it with you now. Do you remember this xkcd strip:

alt text

So, imagine the web-service on which high-school students list people they dated (links to facebook profiles or smth), and the service provides recommendations whom to date next to create symmetric graph or any other fancy graph configuration.

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How about a meta data application that allows you to assign tags to files via the web? Include the cool stuff like tag clouds, have membership and security, and allow for the upload of addition files to the share.

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Do you mean the web app resides locally on a PC and allows tagging a specific directory/drive with all its content while allowing remote user to log in, upload stuff to the directory and tag it themselves? –  Yarin Miran Oct 5 '08 at 19:31

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