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i have 3 dropdownlistbox..

1.country 2.state 3.cities

when i am seleting country name.. as per it..state name and city name change. in that if i am changing state name then city name is changed in dropdownlist box..

using only javascript not postback of .net control.

i have faced so much problem by making array of country,states and cities..

i thought if i have list of names of countries,states and cities than how can i maintain array of it..

so help me to getout of it. and give me good javascript to get out from this problem?


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what exactly is the problem/question? –  Marek Karbarz Nov 12 '09 at 19:54

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Try this

var countries = [
                name:'New York',
                cities:['New York','Albany',...,'Some place']
                cities:['Miami','Ft Loterdale']
        name:'Canada' ...
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Why not this instead:

data: { 
  "United States" : {
    "California" : ["San Francisco","San Jose","Watsonville"],
    "Alaska" : ["Anchorage","Juneau"]
  "Canada" : {
    "Alberta" : ["Calgary","another town"]

This makes it territory neutral, not needing names like "state", "city", "province", etc. Iterate through the object by using

for(var key in data) { var country = data[key]; var state = data[key][territory] }

or use any number of object traversing methods.

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