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I have a procedure that produces a table in the spool:

create procedure.....
dbms_output.put_line(p_taskno||'   '||p_descrip||'  '||p_hrs||' '||p_start_date);

The output is correct, however not well formatted:

ABC Company         Projects:                                                   
Project: 5555                                                                   
TaskNo  Description      Hours StartDate                                        
11      Prototype New Screens  30 23-AUG-06                                     
12      Convert Data Files  10.5 15-SEP-06                                      
13      Create Test Plan  15 14-AUG-06                                          
62      Develop Enterprise Model  280 26-OCT-06                                 
Number of Tasks: 4                                                              
Total Project Hours: 335.5  

I cannot use column description format a20 word_wrapped because the table is the result of the dbms_output.put_line. How can I format it?

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You need to work out the maximum size of the column and then pad the output with spaces.

So you want taskno to align with its header, that's six characters. Because it's a numeric you'll want it to align on the right:

lpad(to_char(taskno), 6)

Whereas Description is a string, so'll you want to align it on the left

rpad(p_description, 30)

Use these functions on the elements of the header too, to get the neatest output.

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