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Hi im trying to connect to my mysql db via sequelize but to no avail..

The connection data i giving is 100% corrent and i can connect to my mysql db via phpmyadmin

here is my code..

var Sequelize = require('sequelize-mysql').sequelize;

var dbConnector = function()
    var sequelize = new Sequelize
        host: "ip",
        port: port,
        dialect: 'mysql'

var getCoutries = function ()
    sequelize.query("SELECT * FROM `Country`")
                      // geting an error:
                      //[Error: connect ECONNREFUSED]
                      //code: 'ECONNREFUSED',
                      //errno: 'ECONNREFUSED',
                      //syscall: 'connect',
                      //fatal: true }

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What error message/ill effect are you getting? – Joachim Isaksson Jun 22 '13 at 10:27
@Joachim Isaksson, I've written in a commant { [Error: connect ECONNREFUSED] code: 'ECONNREFUSED', errno: 'ECONNREFUSED', syscall: 'connect', fatal: true } – David Limkys Jun 22 '13 at 10:30

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