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<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <shipTo country="US">
        <name><strong>Alice Smith</strong></name>
        <street>123 Maple Street</street>
        <city><hi>Mill Valley</hi></city>

What's the xpath expression to select "123 Maple Street, Mill Valley, CA, 90952" ?

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Using XPath 2.0 or XQuery 1.0 you can use

string-join(/shipTo/*[position() gt 1], ', ')

to get the string 123 Maple Street, Mill Valley, CA, 90952.

With XPath 1.0 you can select the elements with

/shipTo/*[position() > 1]

but you would need to construct the string with the host language you use XPath with (e.g. XSLT or a programming language with an XPath API) to iterate over the selected elements and to concatenate the string values.

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To get all text nodes from all children of shipTo which is not name try this:

shipTo/*[local-name() != 'name']//text()

To get a comma separated list you need to use xlst or xpaht-2.0

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