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Since in chrome packaged apps permission "tabs" and chrome.tabs are not available so now how can i open a tab in browser with specified URL?

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window.open should still work the way it always does. –  sowbug Jun 23 '13 at 0:15

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Try dynamically creating a link and call its click method.

function openTab(url) { 
    var a = document.createElement('a'); 
    a.href = url; 

You could then call that function like this:



The previous example opens the link in the default browser (which could be something other than Chrome)

If you want to force the link to open in chrome, use window.open

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What if my default browser is not Chrome? –  Samik Apr 19 at 8:21
@SamikSaha in that case you could use window.open .. eg. window.open('http://google.com') , that should always open Chrome when called from within a Chrome App (answer updated) –  Joseph Portelli Apr 19 at 9:45
Unfortunately window.open also opens the link in default browser –  Samik Apr 20 at 3:55

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