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I'm looking for a way to change the depth of field algorithmically for a series of photos or a video stream. I want to blur parts of the image which are farther away than a certain distance. I don't have 3D information, but I hope that it's possible to apply a blurring algorithm based on the comparison of image frames.

In principle I could take two frames, identify a couple of spots in both images and determine how much they have moved. From that, one could derive the approximate distance from the camera and decide which parts of the image should be blurred. However, that sounds very complicated and to me. Is there an easier way?

I must stress that I don't need a 100% accurate solution, the goal is merely to blur parts of an image which gives you "some" sense of depth. It's more important that it's fast and doesn't use too much resources.

In the end, this should run on mobile devices (iOS/android).

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