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I have this code:

var callbackAfterLoad = function(data, ecBlock) {

function bindevents(userInput, ecBlock, callbackAfterLoad) {
    userInput.keyup(function () {
        delay(function () {
            $.post("/preview", {content:userInput.val()}, callbackAfterLoad(data, ecBlock));
        }, 500);

And this error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: data is not defined 

But when I check out jQuery examples

$.post("test.php", function(data) {
  alert("Data Loaded: " + data);

Why do I got this error ? Why do jQuery example is working and not mine ? (we cannot add parameters ?). Is the default $.post callback defined and his signature cannot be overriden ?

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The third argument in $.post should be a function, but when you do this:

$.post("/preview", {content:userInput.val()}, callbackAfterLoad(data, ecBlock))

The third argument is not the function, but the return value of the function. Like this:

fn = callbackAfterLoad   // function reference
fn = callbackAfterLoad() // function execution and return value reference

And when executed in your example, data is not available yet. The correct syntax would be:

$.post("/preview", {content:userInput.val()}, callbackAfterLoad)

If you need to pass custom arguments to your callback, you can create a new proxy function like this:

var callback = function(data) {
    callbackAfterLoad.call(this, data, ecBlock);
$.post("/preview", {content:userInput.val()}, callback);
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Try to use .post method in little bit another way:

$.post("/preview", {content:userInput.val()}, function(data){ callbackAfterLoad(data, ecBlock)} );

Your example doesn't work because you're immediately calling to callbackAfterLoad , before the .post actually "happens" and returns data. In jQuery example the callback function is only registered as handler but not firing immediately.

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Thanks! This is actually working great! But why "function(data)" cannot be called with another anonymous function ? –  YoH Jun 22 '13 at 11:06
@YoH what do you mean exactly. when it goes like this: function(data){ callbackAfterLoad(data, ecBlock)} it is actually creates anonymous function that uses data which post returns and ecBlock that came as bindevents function argument –  Cherniv Jun 22 '13 at 11:17
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