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I've started building my website 2 weeks ago and have learnt HTML,CSS and a bit of javascrip so far but i cant seem to be able to get the following code to work for my site:

<script src=""></script>






<li>test: <span id="testspan">test</span>


What is basicly want is to get the data from "" to show in my list item. But only the EUR.last specific value.

Many thx in advance!

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That site does not support JSONP, which is what you are attempting to use with callback=?. The idea here is that you will get a Javascript function call wrapping the object, which makes cross-domain Javascript requests possible.

If we try it by looking at, you will see that the page does not have a function call. JSONP is therefore not supported and you will need to find another way of doing this, perhaps with a proxy on your own server.

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