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I want to use the mini-stamp-server to build a mail server. I wrote this simple code:

require 'mini-smtp-server'                                                      

class StdoutSmtpServer < MiniSmtpServer
    def new_message_event(message_hash)
        puts "#New email received:"
server =, "", 4)



I don't know how to send mail to the server, e.g., foo@ doesn't work.

Any idea?

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In the most fundamental way, you can see if your mail server is working by using telnet to connect to it.

Once connected, by doing

telnet 2525

Then typing at the prompt:

EHLO your_username

This will verify that your mail server is working.

There are several references to troubleshooting SMTP protocol with telnet on the web.

Sending e-mail to it then is as you would any other mail server.

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