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i successfully tokyo tyrant and tokyo cabinet now i have to start the tokyo tyrant server when i run the command

./ttservctl start

instead of starting the server it is giving me error and the output is

ritesh@ritesh-desktop:~/tokyotyrant-1.1.33$ sudo ./ttservctl start
Starting the server of Tokyo Tyrant
Executing: ttserver -port 1978 -dmn -pid /var/ttserver/pid
./ttservctl: 76: ./ttservctl: ttserver: not found
The server could not started

how to resolve this error i am new to tokyo tyrant please guideline!!

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you can find the "ttserver" file by using the this simple command and the use the result as as bash command:

find / -name ttserver

when i used the command it gave me a result like this:

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ttservctl is the shell script used to start/stop/restart the Tokyo Tyrant server (a.k.a startup script). This startup script is just a wrapper around the ttserver command-line tool.

Your problem here is that your shell cannot find the ttserver tool which is certainly not in your $PATH.

It sounds as if:

  1. you try to execute the startup script located at the root of the Tokyo Tyrant source code: ./ttservctl
  2. and thus, you have NOT installed Tokyo Tyrant but just built it (i.e ./configure && make)

You should re-build it and run make install: by default it will be installed under /usr/local but you can change this at configure time via the --prefix=/path/to/dest option.

Once done just hit ttservctl start without the ./ and it should work.

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