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I'm trying to cancel a recurring occurrence with the same account I created this recurring appointment with. I'm getting this error :

User must be an organizer for CancelCalendarItem action

When I check the properties of the appointment, I find that the organizer has the same SMTP address as the one used by the service. The error doesn't make sense.

Do I need to impersonate the resource (room) email to be able to cancel the meeting?

I'm trying to cancel a single occurrence of a series of appointments. Booking Code:

Appointment appointment = new Appointment(service);

            appointment.Subject = Subject;
            appointment.Body = Body;
            appointment.Start = Start;

            foreach (DataRow room in Rooms.Rows)
if (Recurring)
                DayOfTheWeek[] days = new DayOfTheWeek[] { (DayOfTheWeek)Start.DayOfWeek };
                appointment.Recurrence = new Recurrence.WeeklyPattern(Start.Date, 1, days);
                appointment.Recurrence.StartDate = Start;
                appointment.Recurrence.NumberOfOccurrences = RecurringOccurances;

Getting Recurring Appointments :

public static DataTable GetRecurringItems(String ID)
            Appointment recurringMasterItem = Appointment.BindToRecurringMaster(service, new ItemId(ID));
            DataTable RecurringAppoitnments = new DataTable();
            int Occs = recurringMasterItem.Recurrence.NumberOfOccurrences.Value;
            for (int i = 1; i <= Occs; i++)
                Appointment occurrenceOrException2 = Appointment.BindToOccurrence(service, new ItemId(recurringMasterItem.Id.UniqueId), i);


            return RecurringAppoitnments;

//Then I chose 1 of the recurring occurrences above to cancel it :

Appointment appointment = Appointment.Bind(service, new ItemId(EWSID));

I get the "User must be an organizer for CancelCalendarItem action" when I try to cancel the meeting although all the actions above created using the same user/account.

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Show some code. What is 'cancelling a recurring occurrence', are you trying to delete one occurrence of a repeating event? – Jan Doggen Jun 22 '13 at 15:45
@JanDoggen : Thanks for the note, I just updated the question. – Morano88 Jun 22 '13 at 19:27

Try impersonate the user to cancel the meeting. Also make sure that the ID has enough permission to perform this action.

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