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Possible Duplicate:
VB Using colons to put two statements on same line

I have the following declaration in Excel VBA

Public Const cdbArea = 1: Public Const cdbDist = 2: Public Const cdbChange1 = 4: Public Const cdbChange2 = 5: Public Const cdbTR = 5:
Public Const crbArea = 1: Public Const crbDist = 2: Public Const crbTerr = 3: Public Const crbChange1 = 4: Public Const crbTR = 5:
Public Const cdbWeek1 = 4

On first glance, the Colons look like separators, but I have never used this syntax before.

What are the Colons for?

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You can put the statements on separate lines, if you like:

Public Const cdbArea = 1
Public Const cdbDist = 2
Public Const cdbChange1 = 4

Or, you can separate them with colons as in your example above.

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Another use of the colon is to set specific variables to a calling statement:

Option Explicit

Sub test()
    testWithOptions thirdParameter:="SecondParameterSkipped", firstParameter:="firstParam"
End Sub

Sub testWithOptions(firstParameter As String, Optional secondParameter As String, Optional thirdParameter As String)
    MsgBox "FirstParamter:  " & firstParameter & vbCrLf & _
                "ThirdParamter:  " & thirdParameter
End Sub

Notice the third parameter is set before the first and secondParameter (which is optional) is skipped all together.

I've only seen this used once in my career.

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It's considered good practice to seperate statements like BoltBait said. The reasoning is that you can't enter break points in between 2 different statements if they are on the same line seperated by a colon.

Less lines of code does not equal faster, or better code ^^

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