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I'm trying to make a UIWebView application, just like any other (with refresh, go forward, back, google search, etc). It is going to be very simple. One thing I want to do however, is make the data loaded into the UIWebView loaded through a proxy server (like hideMyAss) - so websites like at schools or workplaces become unblocked.

I have been looking for a proxy which enables me to input the website address at the end of a proxy's URL, but I have not found one.

E.g. Hidemyass.com?url=google.com

Does Apple have any documentation as to how I could achieve this. I have no idea where to start looking as I don't know the exact name of what if be looking for. Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thanks!

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Create a subclass of NSURLProtocol class that will handle all web protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, SSL etc. This is a abstract class that provides the basic structure for performing protocol-specific loading of URL data. Guide on NSURLProtocol

Once your created your custom url protocol handler, register it in your appDelegate so your protocol will have priority over any of the built-in protocols.

 [NSURLProtocol registerClass:[MyURLProtocol class]];

In terms of proxy, create your own server and implement a ready made solution that will do all your tunneling of client data to outside world. Tinyproxy is a example of a free software that can do your proxy requirements, research others or even create your own solution if you got the time.

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