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I would like to filter a collection using array of property value. Given an array of IDs, return objects with matching IDs. Is there any shortcut method using lodash/underscore?

var collections = [{ id: 1, name: 'xyz' },
                   { id: 2,  name: 'ds' },
                   { id: 3,  name: 'rtrt' },
                   { id: 4,  name: 'nhf' },
                   { id: 5,  name: 'qwe' }];
var ids = [1,3,4];

// This works, but any better way?

var filtered = _.select(collections, function(c){    
    return ids.indexOf(c.id) != -1
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Not really. But you could deal directly with the filter() method of Arrays prototypes; looks cleaner :) –  gustavohenke Jun 23 '13 at 1:34

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If you're going to use this sort of pattern a lot, you could create a mixin like the following, though, it isn't doing anything fundementally different than your original code. It just makes it more developer friendly.

  'findByValues': function(collection, property, values) {
    return _.filter(collection, function(item) {
      return _.contains(values, item[property]);

Then you can use it like this.

var collections = [
    {id: 1, name: 'xyz'}, 
    {id: 2,  name: 'ds'},
    {id: 3,  name: 'rtrt'},
    {id: 4,  name: 'nhf'},
    {id: 5,  name: 'qwe'}

var filtered = _.findByValues(collections, "id", [1,3,4]);
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