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I am working on a map reduce job using hadoop (with MongoDB), i can able to get key, value pairs as output, and multiple column values as ouput.

is it possible to have embedded documents within a document in output format?

Normally i can get the output like (i collected all ids in map process, and appended ids with - in reducer.

Date              IDS
2013-06-21        12-22-33
2013-06-22       34-56-78-89

but the expected output is like ids should be in embedded document like below (MongoDB style)

Date              IDS
2013-06-21        0 - 12
                  1 - 22
                  2 - 33
2013-06-22        0 - 34
                  1 - 56 
                  2 - 78 
                  3 - 89


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Yes, when constructing a BSONObject in your output just add nested BSONObjects as the values

something like

    BasicBSONObject output = new BasicBSONObject();        
    output.put("2013-06-21", new BasicBSONObject("0", 12));
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Thanks for the answer.. –  balanv Jun 24 '13 at 6:07
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