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I have simple jQuery code to change background image.

        $("#headerimg" + activeContainer).css({
        "background-image" : "url(" + photoObject.image + ")",
        "display" : "block",
        "z-index" : currentZindex

When I insert background image as relative path it works

display: block; background-image: url("./wp-content/images/2013/02/turkish_gulets_for_sale_master-1350.jpg"); z-index: -375;

But when I insert with http it fails. (This code works all browsers that I check out.)

display: block; background-image: url("http://guletsforsale.org/wp-content/images/2013/02/turkish_gulets_for_sale_master-1350.jpg"); z-index: -375;

what could be solution.


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Do you need to use whole http path? You can remove your origin (http://guletsforsale.org) and make the link relative like that:

var origin = window.location.origin;
relativePath = httpPath.replace(origin, "");

So, now you have relative path which according you should work.

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But the problem is, I use blog_url()/%category%/%postname% when page changes url path increases. sometime decreases. to use this I have to calculate all paths and replace them with ../ is it really usable? –  Deniz Porsuk Jun 22 '13 at 16:24
blog_url().replace(window.location.origin, "") + "/%category%/%postname%"; It won't lower loading time almost at all. But I think the problem is somewhere else, not in your code. I just tested your websites with my iPhone 4 and the background image worked well. –  Karri Rasinmäki Jun 23 '13 at 12:19

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