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I've just started to learn the Neo4j graphs db, i am a .net developer and i have downloaded the .net version also the sample MVC project for .net (hour ago), I manage to make the project run and playing with it. Upon playing with the Cyphers Console, somehow i cant find the data's from the sample, maybe the default database of the console is pointing to the default db, how do i move to the database that is created by my sample project. is there such thing as database/schema here just like in MSSql/MySQL that tables are grouped by database? thanks for response.

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There is no solution for this yet? Related question stackoverflow.com/q/17392478/2048848 –  Murta Jan 9 at 0:56

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Look at neo4j-server.properties in conf folder in your DB folder, and search for org.neo4j.server.database.location and make sure it's pointing to the output folder you just created..

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Hi Mohamed. thanks for that. so there's no way to do that directly from cypher console?seems like a little bit hassle, hope that in the future, they allow us to modify it directly from the console. thanks anyway. –  Fadz Jun 24 '13 at 2:38

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