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hii i have a jade layout file. The code is as follows'en')
  //<![end if]
        var x = "datablabla";

And i have a jade file that extends this layout. How can i access that x variable??

extends ../layout

block headerContent

block bodyContent
    h1 Wellcome to the blabla
    p #{x} // undefined

Any ideas ?

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Short answer: you can't. You're declaring x in a client side script block, and Jade doesn't execute those to make any code/variables declared in such a block available within the template.

Longer answer: you can add embedded JS code in your Jade templates like this:

- var x = "datablabla";

You can reuse that x variable in both the client side part, and in your other Jade template:

// layout
- var x = "datablabla";
    var x = '#{x}';

// other
extends layout
block bodyContent
  h1 Welcome to the blabla
  p #{x}
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