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I am using Angular and bootstrap to show a progress bar. here is the html

<div class="progress progress-striped  active ">
    <div class="bar bar-info" style="width:{{score}}%"></div>

score is coming from my controller. This code works in all the browser except IE.

Any help will be appreciated.

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What is it doing in Internet Explorer? Which version of Internet Explorer? Is there any relevant output in the console (Press F12)? – Sampson Jun 23 '13 at 1:46
Worth nothing that Angular ships with expectations of IE-related issues. – Sampson Jun 23 '13 at 5:00
IE version 10.Nothing happens in IE, no message on console, It shows the progress bar without the progress. Looks like it simply does not parse {{score}}. However, I have similar line like ng-hide= {{loginVisible}} is working. even style="visibility:{{showSearch}}" is working on the same page. – Rafat Sarosh Jun 23 '13 at 13:33
possible duplicate of Angular UI Bootstrap progress bar in IE10 – Surreal Dreams Sep 26 '14 at 18:18

Found the workaround from theDemi post. You have to write your own directive as follows:

angular.module('myApp').directive('myProgress', function() {
  return function(scope, element, attrs) {
  scope.$watch(attrs.myProgress, function(val) {
       element.html('<div class="bar" style="width: ' + val + '%"></div>');


 <div class="progress" my-progress="nameOfYourProgressModelVariable"></div>
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This works great so far. Please note that in the attribute value, nameOfYourProgressModelVariable is only the name of the variable, not the value - so leave off the curly braces. It works exactly as shown. – Surreal Dreams Oct 1 '14 at 13:29

If your "score" is getting the value properly then apply the style little differently this worked for me:

Change your style attribute to ng-style="width={width:'{{ score}}%'}"

<div class="progress progress-striped  active ">
    <div class="bar bar-info" ng-style="width={width:'{{ score}}%'}"></div>
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This worked well for me. Thank you! – user2134466 Dec 2 '15 at 15:43

Just change to the following:

<div class="progress progress-striped  active ">
    <div class="bar bar-info" ng-attr-style="width:{{score}}%;"></div>

When you want to use Angular interpolation in an HTML attribute like style you need to use the ng-attr- prefix for that attribute for it to place nice in the browser.

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