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I have got a texture bound to a framebuffer object so I can render to this texture. Because the canvas/viewport may be smaller than the texture, I multiply the texture coordinates by the current scale (canvas size/texture size) to get the correct position.

The line in the fragment shader to get the correct color from the texture looks as follows:

vec4 rtt = texture2D(rtt_sampler, v_texCoord * u_scale);

This works perfectly fine but if u_scale is exactly 1.0 everything breaks. I don't get the correct color but always the same, regardless the coordinates (it may be 0.5 but I haven't tested it yet). Do you have any idea what could be the cause of this?

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It's unlikely that your texture coordinate scaling is the problem here. You should check for errors (call getError from your WebGL context), verify that your framebuffer object is consistent (call checkFramebufferStatus), and make sure you've re-bound your texture after using it as a framebuffer attachment. Also, you can adjust your viewport to match the texture size for rendering once it's attached to your FBO. –  radical7 Jun 23 '13 at 18:41
Changing the viewport to the original size before calling the draw to the texture did the trick, thank you :-) So the whole thing with scaling the texture coordinates became unnecessary. –  Mouagip Jun 24 '13 at 7:23

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