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Someone might remember the old magazine "Computer Language" published until the 90s from the same editor of "Doctor Dobb's Journal".

I've always found it very ispirational and I still have some issue in my bookshelf.

Does anyone know if there's an archive of the old articles somewhere? I remember there was a CD with several issues digitized but I've found no mention of it on the CMP website.

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That was a great magazine! If i still had my old copies, i'd be scanning them so we all could enjoy. –  DarenW Oct 5 '08 at 23:20

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I was the Editor of Computer Language from 1989-1994. I have a complete collection but no copyright. Ditto with AI Expert. Since the current copyright owners seem to at least occasionally be creating new products (putting specific articles online, collecting them into "Best Of..." collections, etc.), I am pessimistic about any hope of getting the contents online. Which is a double shame, because I suspect that even the current copyright holders don't have a complete collection.

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Thanks for the answer, Larry. Is good to know that at least one compete collection exists somewhere! What really saddens me is that almost no track of the magazine is left on the Internet. I think it has been a seminal magazine –  Remo.D Oct 31 '09 at 21:35
It's a honor to have you around. CL was the better computer related magazine ever published. Bow! –  belisarius Aug 27 '10 at 12:31
I also have the complete collection that I've been carrying around wherever I've moved throughout the years. I almost tossed it after the latest move, but found that there is still no digital archive that I could find, and also found a corner of my closet where they all fit. –  Mark Freedman Oct 15 '13 at 20:06

As the living eponym embedded in the on-line Computer Language: A STAN KELLY-BOOTLE Reader, I share RemoD's frustration that my ancient pearls are not available outside the USA! Even more so since I moved back to my Old Sod (aka England) in 2004. I'm not sure of the legalities, so I won't mention the name of the friend in Georgia, USA, who bought the download from amazon.com, and emailed me the pdf file, which now sits on my mac and Kindle. My BIT-by-BIT columns bring back happy memories of the early computer glossy-mag days. They used to say 'Stan has more columns that the bleedin' Parthenon.' I've kept assci and wordstar [!!] files for my contributions to CL, Software Development, UNIX Review (Devil's Advocate ran 1984-2002*), OS2 magazine, C (later C/C++) Users, AI, Linux, and, of course, the ONGOING (since ~2004) ACM Queue CURMUDGEON col (now online only). *When UNIX Review folded, Dr Winterhalter of sarcheck.com kindly hosted my SODA (Son of Devil's Advocate) for about 2 years until my bad-health/near-death interruption. When I last checked, my SODA cols were still archived at www.sarcheck.com. Each SODA had a '20-years-ago'col from UNIX Review. Forgive the senile ramblings ...

Stan Kelly-Bootle, Oswestry, Floreat Salopia.
PS: greetings to Larry O'Brien et al, with many of whom facebook keeps me in touch.

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I discovered that "Computer Language" issues where included in the first "Software Development" CD but, unfortunately, that CD is not available form CMP.

Anyway, I've noticed some of the articles are available through the "Dr Dobb's Portal". For example the article "Sharing secrets among Friends" that originally appeared on CL in April 1992.

I've also found a complete bibliography of the articles hosted by the Dept. of Mathematics of the University of Utah.

The P.J. Plauger "Programming on Purpose" column has been collected in two books.

Let's hope the best material has survived the death of the magazine...

P.S. for those who downvoted this question, try to get an old issue of this magazine and you'll see how valuable and still actual the published material is.

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This is an old thread, but I thought I'd point out that there are 3 Programming on Purpose books from Plauger. –  michaelavila Aug 25 '10 at 16:14

I have a few copies of CL from 1986 or so. I've noticed that Google books have scanned in a few issues, but that is pointless because all you get is a few word snippet with no way to read the actual articles.

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For US residents Amazon.com lists three volumes of "Best of Computer Language" available as PDF downloads at under $5 each: Testing and Debugging; Algorithms; A Stan Kelly-Bootle Reader.


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Thanks mas! It's extremely unfair that people outside US can't buy it! And I'm not there!!! –  Remo.D Apr 9 '09 at 19:45

My first article was published in CL, the one with the plastic worms on the cover. Oct 87. Now Hibernate fully implements it. Woot!

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Computer Language PARTIAL (10 Issues)

Contains Issues 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11

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Reading them today, articles are still very interesting but those ads are ... just unbelivable :) I can't believe it was just less than 30 years ago! –  Remo.D Jan 10 '12 at 21:20

https://archive.org/search.php?query=collection%3Acomputerlanguage&sort=-publicdate has the first ten issues of Computer Languate Magazine.

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has issues 1 thru 12.

issue 13 is in the process of being scanned with issues 14 & 15 to follow when complete

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