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I am using ROR

example, from my "index" page user clicks on "view report". this calls method "run" via "ajax"

<%= form_tag({controller: "xyz", action: "run"}, method: "post", remote: true) do |f| %>

since it was called from "index" page. I am populating report summary at the bottom of the "index" page

  • so far so good

But here is the problem. In addition to populating the summary I also have to send a full report and that's a excel file.

def run
        # populating summary here
        csv(data["report"], params)
    rescue Exception => e
        puts e.inspect
        flash[:error] = "some error"
        redirect_to action: "help" and return

def csv(report, params)
    type:         'text/csv',
    filename:      "name.csv",
    disposition:  'attachment')

Currently I have to comment csv(data["report"], params) and use ajax (remote: true) to have my summary on the page. Or take the ajax out and uncomment the csv call to pop up the excel.

Is it possible to do both with ajax?

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