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Is there any way to check, if DIV with name for example "character" is overlaping DIV with name "ground" ?

I want to do this with clean Javascript, I know that jQuery is better, but that's what I don't want. I saw this post: check collision between certain divs? , but it does not return anything.

Thanks for help.

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-1 for not wanting to use the jquery "simple div collision detection" plugin. –  goat Jun 23 '13 at 1:21

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First, I'd suggest you check out the HTML5 canvas element, as by the sounds of it, you want to make a game, and the canvas is great for that ;)

But, to answer your question, you could create or get div elements with document.createElement() or getElementById() respectively, and get their style properties either by getting their JS-set values (element.style) or use getComputedStyle if you'd prefer to set initial values in CSS.

Make sure that, however you get these CSS properties, they'll need to be parsed into something that JS can digest. For integer-based positions, parseInt() usually does the trick.

Next, you do the math. In this case, you'd want to see if the character div's top, plus its height, is greater than the top position of the ground. If it is, it has collided.

To set the style back to the div, you can just set the style property.

Here's an example: http://jsfiddle.net/JSWUQ/1/

One more thing: While there are convoluted ways to get element positions when elements use different positioning properties (ex: the player uses top/left coordinates, where the ground uses bottom), it's a lot harder to manage.

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thanks mate, this helped me a LOT :) –  Marek Schubert Jun 23 '13 at 1:32

The only jQuery that was being used in that linked answer was to get with width,height, and position of the divs, which are somewhat trivial to retrieve using pure JS:

CSS / JavaScript - How do you get the rendered height of an element?

jquery position() in plain javascript

How do I retrieve an HTML element's actual width and height?

It's not returning anything because the .top .left and height variables in the return statement were relying on jQuery functions that retrieve the information mentioned above.

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