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I am trying to pass thistime[] to class and use it to define width and height of two rects.This is just a simplified version of my initial code and I get the errorsyntax error on token "]", VariableDeclaratorld expected after this token", here are my code:

ArrayList textlines;

int xpos=20;
int ypos=20;
int[]thistime = new int[2];

void setup() {
  size(1200, 768);
  textlines = new ArrayList();
  thistime[0] =3;
  thistime[1] =30;

void draw() {

void mousePressed() {
  textlines.add(new Line(xpos, ypos,thistime));
  for (int i=0; i<textlines.size(); i++) {

    Line p=(Line)textlines.get(i);

class Line {

  int x;
  int y;
  int thatimee[];

  Line(int xpo, int ypo, int thetimee[]) {
    x =xpo;
    y =ypo;
    thatimee[]= new int[thetimee.length];

  void display() {
    fill(50, 50, 50);
    rect(random(width), random(height), thatimee[0],thatimee[0] );
    rect(random(width), random(height), thatimee[1], thatimee[1]);

The error is in the line

thatimee[]= new int[thetimee.length];

Who knows the reason?

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Line(int xpo, int ypo, int thetimee[]) {
    x = xpo;
    y = ypo;
    thatimee = new int[thetimee.length];
    thatimee[0] = thetimee[0];
    thatimee[1] = thetimee[1]; 

You already declared the variable "thatimee" as an array up there, remove the "[]" within the scope of Line when initializing the variable.

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Try removing the [] in the assignment. like this:

thattimee = new int[thetimee.length];
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just use

thatimee = new int[thetimee.length];

the [] is for declaring an array. It should not be used while initializing.

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You can't put thatimee[] when initializing the array. You simply put:

thatimee = new int[thetimee.length];

thatimee represents the handle of the array, and you are storing something in the handle.

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