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When training a softmax classifier, I used minFunc function in Matlab, but it didn't work, the step size would reach TolX quickly and the accuracy is not even 5%. There must be something wrong but I just couldn't find it.

Here is my Matlab code about the cost function and gradient:

z=x*W; %x is the input data, it's an m*n matrix, m is the number of samples, n is the number of units in the input layer. W is an n*o matrix, o is the number of units in the output layer.

a=sigmoid(z)./repmat(sum(sigmoid(z),2),1,o); %a is the output of the classifier.

J=-mean(sum(target.*log(a),2))+l/2*sum(sum(W.^2)); %This is the cost function, target is the desired output, it's an m*n matrix. l is the weight decay parameter.


the formula can be found here. Can anyone point out where my error is?

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I found the error, I should not use the sigmoid function, it should simply be exp.

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can you make your answer more clear by typing the full solution; maybe helpful for others. – Steven Varga Nov 6 '13 at 13:42

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