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This issue is started to do my head in! I am trying to build a basic invoice system for my site, which is using CakePHP.

However, I can save almost all of the data without any issues at all, its when I want to save two fields, 'workdes' and 'price' which are arrays, every time I try and save the data I get an error of Array to String!

Heres my code:

        $test = $this->request->data; 
        foreach($test as $test2 => $tets3) {


            $InvoiceGroupData = array(
              'Invoicedata' => array(
                'workdes' => $this->request->data['workdes'],
                'price' => $this->request->data['price']
            //debug($InvoiceGroupData); die();


This is what is inside $this->request->data:

'workdes' => array(
    (int) 0 => 'dfgdfg',
    (int) 1 => 'sswd'
'price' => array(
    (int) 0 => '500',
    (int) 1 => '100'

This is just test data, I can have anything from one input or five. So What I am doing wrong? I thought that the use of SaveMany was that is did save Arrays into the database.

The table / model name I am trying to save to is call Invoicedata, and the two tables within that are 'workdes' and 'price'.

Anything else I have not put into the question and is needed, please ask!

Please Help....

Many Thanks



These are the two sections of code I have tried, and I am still getting Array to String issue!!


        $WorkHolder = $this->request->data['workdes'];
        $PriceHolder = $this->request->data['price'];

        $MyData = array(
                      array('Invoicedata' => array('workdes' => $WorkHolder)),
                      array('Invoicedata' => array('price' => $PriceHolder)),
        foreach($MyData as $test2 => $test3) {





            $WorkHolder = $this->request->data['workdes'];
            $PriceHolder = $this->request->data['price'];

            $MyData = array(
                      array('Invoicedata' => array('workdes' => $WorkHolder)),
                      array('Invoicedata' => array('price' => $PriceHolder)),

            //debug($MyData); die();


One with a foreach loop and one without, Code try 2 is what I tried 1st, now my code looks like code try 1. I have changed, or at lest i think I have changed my array data to that of want CakePHP needs it to be, so what am I doing wrong?

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Try reading the documentation.

From docs:

$data = array(
    array('Article' => array('title' => 'title 1')),
    array('Article' => array('title' => 'title 2')),

Your data should look like this.

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